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Boost Your Ecommerce Sales with Google+

The value of the organic traffic is so high for most of the ecommerce sites. Most popular search engine Google is one of the most important sources for most of the ecommerce sites. On the other hand social networks are very important in terms of direct sale and permanent connection for customers. When it’s said social networks the first ones coming to mind are Facebook and Twitter but it’s not limited with them. Google+, found by Google in 2011, is an important source that is not noticed by most of the ecommerce sites. Google has increased the effect of Google+ on the search results. How can you increase your online sales with Google+? Here we reply for you.

Create your account

We estimate that you have already created an account on Facebook for your ecommerce site. Now it’s time to apply the same thing on Google+. It is a platform that will help you to share your contents and let you contact with your potential customers.

Share your contents and products

You can share the contents that you have prepared for marketing and the product details. You can use Google+ as social media marketing just like Facebook and Twitter. But don’t forget to add your online store’s link on every share. You can take advantage for traffic and Google search.

Stay in communication using Hangouts

Hangouts of Google+ helps you communicate with your target audience differently from the other social networks. So you have chance to chat with your customers and reply their questions. And it’s also possible to demonstrate live the product features. You can also announce your campaigns on Hangouts and you can pull customers to your site thanks to the discounts on that moment.

Discover communities

Another interesting feature of Google+ is Communities. Communities are the virtual communities that people with a common field of interest come together and share contents. You can join to the communities which you are interested in and also you can create your own community and you can manage it as a marketing and publication channel. For example if you sell garden tools on your online store, you can create a Google+ community on this issue and you can share your valuable contents and also you can promote your products. Online shopping is one of the fastest-growing industry. If you are interested in this field and searching for the best ecommerce platform, we recommend you to view also all in one solutions of Shopio. No matter what you know about ecommerce, you can set up your ecommerce business thanks to easy to use ecommerce platforms of Shopio.


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