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Boost Your E-commerce Sales with These Awesome Product Photography Tips

The consumers don’t have the chance to see and to examine the products closely. Because of that the images in online store have the critical importance on the decision phase. If the images are small, the details aren’t viewed or the quality of the image is low, the customer may leave without purchasing even if they need it. Not only the quality but also the presentation of the product has the critical importance in sale. So that let’s have a look at some important points about using images on product page by analyzing “the whole picture”. Related Post: How to Improve Product Photos for Your Online Store

1- Images with high quality

If your supplier provides you images with high quality, you’re lucky. On the other hand if the images on your hand are not qualified enough, you don’t have to be content of them. You can try to take the photos of them using a digital camera. If you are not content of the result you can search the photos on the website of the supplier.

2- Images with different resolutions

Presenting the images with 3 various resolutions is suitable for most of the ecommerce sites. It’s used also small pictures called “thumbnail” on the pages that all the products are viewed together. Besides those thumbnails, there should be presented also one medium-sized image on the product page. For the customers who wish to see the product closer, it should be good to view it by making that bigger when clicked on it.

3- More than one image

It’s essential to see the product from different point of views during online shopping as in the physical stores. Because of that we recommend you to use a lot of images from different points of view and with different color options. By that means your customers may have clear ideas about the whole sizes of the product. Related Post: How to Improve Product Pages: Seven Top Tips You Can’t Ignore

4- Show images while it is used

An image which is taken on a platform may not make any sense for a customer. If it’s possible place some images that they are taken while the product is used. Especially if the product has different usage features, showing them will help customers to decide in the positive way.

5- Visual consistency

It’s very important to have the similar aesthetic characteristic of all the images which take place in ecommerce sites. The images which are taken from a similar perspective, similar light and taken on a similar background will increase the consistency of the online store for customer. Product photography is important. In fact, it’s so important it can cause you to lose a sale or a lot of customers. Your visitors will always check the images before they read the description, so you need to help them with quality and various images to be sure about purchasing. Being aware of that, we, Shopio, gave more importance to this issue while developping our E-commerce Platform. With Shopio, you can add unlimited photos to your products! Don’t you wish to have this privilage ? Try Shopio 14 days for free, create your online store with attractive and powerful products images.


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