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How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales via Twitter Market

Twitter is one of the most effective marketing tool. You need to be careful about some basic points to get more advantage from Twitter by which you can draw traffic to your ecommerce site, serve to your current customers and connect with potential customers. You will be able to increase the number of the visitors of your ecommerce site, you will be able to connect with customers, follow closely your competitors and industry and you will b able to create effective campaigns that will convert to sale. Here are some basic tips relating to the use of Twitter to increase your ecommerce business.

1 – Create a detailed profil

It’s very important to prefer an image that represents your brand as well as choosing a Twitter user name suitable to your brand. Giving place to a small statement which you express your site and your business and your address will increase the effect of your Twitter profile. In conclusion fill all of your profile info.

2 – Become a good listener

Not only follow the users who mention about yourself using @Username but also follow the users who mentioned about you using the search feature of Twitter.

3 – Do not miss the chance of interaction

Don’t leave the questions which are asked to your brand unanswered even if they include criticism. Thank warmly for the positive shares about you, and retweet them to share with your followers. Do not forget that when you add positive shares to the favourites the user who share that post will be aware of that and will be content.

4 – Find the opinion leades:

Some users are more effective on Twitter and they may affect the decision of purchasing of others. After you reach these users, interact with them.

5 – Create original contents

The users who share only others posts are not attractive enough in social media. Create original contents which draw the attention of your target audience and share on Twitter.

6 – Use Hashtags

A lot of people use hashtags to follow interesting topics. Share your opinions using the hashtags when the hashtags relating to your area get popular.

7 – Use different media types

Twitter is not only composed of 140 characters. Sharing photos and videos draw attention on Twitter. So that don’t forget to add images and videos to your posts.

8 – Tweet a lot

If you tweet rarely, your Twitter account may be unnoticed by the potential followers. Try to tweet at least once in a day.

9 – Do not always mention about yourself

as a basic rule of social media it will have a negative impression on the other users to share the contents which only include your ads. Try to share contents which would draw attention of your target audience and would be useful for them. Even if it would not draw traffic to your site, it will provide your followers to appreciate your shares.

10 – Organize special campaigns

Besides sharing the campaigns you organize and discounts via Twitter, organize special campaigns only for your Twitter followers. So that you will provide the chance to the followers who follow your site to follow your Twitter account also.

11 – Determine your purposes

In order to increase the effect of your Twitter marketing, it is very important to determine concrete goals and trying to reach them. For example determine the amount of the followers you aim to reach or the amount of the traffic you want to draw in a month. We recommend you to follow Shopio’s Twitter Account not to miss the posts which will be useful not only for digital marketing but also for your ecommerce business.


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