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A Bulletproof Tactic to Boost your E-commerce Sales: Get Ready for Special Days

New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day are special days not only for the users, but also for the ecommerce sites. On these special days many of the e-commerce sites have chance to exceed the endorsement which they earn entire of the month. But how do they manage it? First of all, it should not be forgotten that requires a preliminary study. A significant part of the sales are made before that special day. The preparations of ecommerce sites starts much more earlier. In order to increase the sales of your e-commerce site on special days here are some useful tips you should take into consideration.

Prepare your calendar previously

Do you know how many special days are there on which people give gifts to each other? If your answer is “no” you should start here. We recommend you to mark special days on your calendar before the start of the year. So that you will not miss the periods in which people buy gifts.

Determine the right keywords

It has a great importance to introduce every product in your ecommerce site with a unique content. This will increase your site’s attraction both for you site and for search engines. You can make your site more attractive by reviewing the product contents and updating them with suitable keywords in terms of the importance of the day for your customers and also for the search engines.

Special advertisement budget

The sales on these special days exceeds the normal sales, in these periods the competition increases naturally. It will be useful to budget for advertisement, both in order to come forward in this competition and to be able to announce your campaigns in these special days.

Prepare shopping guide

Choosing a gift is the biggest problem for customers who expect until the last minute to get gifts on special days. You can solve the problems of the visitors about this issue preparing shopping guides and you can increase conversion rates. Organizing special campaigns will be effective too.

Do not forget the gift package option

Normally you have the option of a gift package but if you don’t have, you can miss many sales because of this kind of a small detail. If you have already gift package options, diversifying the package options in this period would be very useful.


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