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Best Effective Tips for The Savvy Online Shoppers

Most savvy online shopping tips found on the web are related to the holiday season such as Christmas or Black Friday. Yes, it’s an important time of year to take advantage of every deal that you can find and there are many tips or strategies that you can implement to become a super savvy shopper -it’s not just meant for shopping for holiday gifts but for everyday purchases too.

If you deem yourself a serious shopaholic, when it comes to choosing the perfect item online, it’s whole other story and set of skills. The internet has opened up a new world (shopper’s paradise), where consumers can find their favorite products at top prices from the comfort of their couch. We are here to help with these smart strategies, so you can get what you want at the best prices and maximize your online shopping experience.

Google is your best friend

When in doubt google it! Google can tell you nearly everything from “How to get rich in ten steps” to “How to fix your TV’s sound”, “How to find the best ecommerce solutions” and discounts of your favorite things can be found too. Use the search tool to find your favorite store online, with the terms “sale” or “discount”. The same can be done when researching prices online. By comparing all your retailer options, you will know that you have investigated and found the best prices available. Take the time to analyze prices by using sites like PriceGrabber or PriceBlink, a free Web browser add-on that automatically scans more than 4,000 retailers as you shop and lists competitors’ prices.

Think before you buy

Before you pull the impulse trigger, think carefully and even procrastinate a little. Waiting a little while longer and thinking carefully will help to avoid mistakes when purchasing. There are a few vital questions to ask yourself before you hit the ‘buy’ button:

  • Is this item a necessity?
  • Is it according to my budget?
  • Have I researched all my resources?

Double check the return policy

If you purchased in the height of passion, there’s always that little thing called a return policy. But, don’t forget to check it before this. Even if you think you may know the online store’s policies, the last thing you would want is to get stuck with an item that wasn’t expected or wanted. Just as you wouldn’t sign a contract for a new house without checking the fine print, the same goes for a return policy. A good retail store will let you return something if you are not entirely happy, but sometimes there are a few conditions that you need to be aware of.

Bid or buy

A dirty, little, online shopping secret is negotiating the price of an item. Often, the retailers will be more likely to ‘haggle’ with you, especially when you provide them with a similar match or lower price elsewhere. There are no guarantees that this will work, but it never hurts to ask for a discount. If this fails, then a great price trick is alerts. There are plenty of apps that will notify you when a price of something you have been eyeing out has dropped, so best to use them!

Subscribe and join mailing lists

Which leads me to my final point, you should consider adding your name to a store’s mailing list. There are also free shopping clubs where you can receive updates on sales in advance. Another great tip, is to subscribe to a bargain hunting site such as FatWallet or SlickDeals.They are member driven communities that offer the hottest deals on hard-to-find deals and discounts. Essentially, they do all the treasure-hunting for you.

Being a savvy shopper can save you both money and time. Putting these tips into practice is very easy and when you think of the benefits, the planning and efforts can pay off.

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