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An Essential Way to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings – The SEO and Social Media Connection

Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have democratized the entire process of search engine rankings as even those businesses that cannot afford a website can get themselves ranked higher on search engines. How? Because search engines give considerable preferences to social media signals, using them to determine SEO rankings! Of course, this is a major change from the traditional methodologies that determined SEO rankings. Previously people could just stuff keywords into their content and get ranked higher. However, now they need social media sharing generated by actual consumers to prove their authenticity.

What Social Media Factors Affect SEO Rankings?

According to recently carried out surveys, a relationship between social media activity and search engine results has been found to significantly affect SEO rankings. The social media factors mainly include content sharing which mostly occurs on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Of course, search engines never reveal their recipes for determining rankings, but these so-called “Social Media Signals” suggest otherwise. Chances are, the higher these social media signals for your company or business, the likelier it is for your website to rank higher. These signals consist of the following factors:
  • The amount of Likes your Facebook page gets
  • The amount of Shares the content you publish on your Facebook gets
  • The amount of Twitter followers you have
  • The amount of backlinks you receive from Tweets that mention your business
  • The amount of your company’s Google+ “Circles”
  • The amount of +1’s you receive on your Google+ content

Social Media Tips for Boosting SEO Rankings

Given the importance of the above discussed social media signals, you can incorporate a few strategies in accordance and significantly improve your SEO rankings. A few possible and highly recommended methods for doing so are listed below:
  1. Make it convenient for your customers to share the content you publish – Wherever you publish your content, including your website, blog, or any other medium, always include social media buttons so the visitors find it easier to share it with everyone else.
  2. Use Meta descriptions and tags – Doing this will only attract more visitors. Wherever your content is shared, it will be represented by its Meta tags instead of its link. Make your Meta tags as catchy as possible!
  3. Customer-generated content – Include a section on your website where your customers can express their feelings about your services. This will only add more authenticity to your services.
  4. Encourage reviews on popular review services – Before using your service, your prospects are likely to search you up on review websites such as Yelp. Make sure your customers have nice things to say about you there!
  5. Easier to find company profiles – You should make it easier for your following to locate your company’s social media profiles so they can find you and realize you do exist in social media and aren’t just a nobody.


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