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A Creative Way to Keep Your Customers Happy: Shipping Box Surprises

There are a lot of things to make your current customers purchase more. Correct marketing strategies, pricing and healthy customer relations are the first things that come to mind. It’s possible to increase the repeated sales and average sales amount. But in addition to them there is another tool that you forget: The delivery packages that you send to the customer. We don’t mention the writings on the packages or the system for packaging. Instead of its outside, the things into the packet are much more important to increase the customer loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction… Related Post: Shipping Tips That You Can Easily Carry Out to Gain Easy Advantages to have much more opinion. It is possible to make difference by sending little surprises with your shipping boxes. Here are a few offers for ecommerce shipping options with gifts…


Discount vouchers are one of the most impressive gift that you can post it into the delivery packet.Your customer has already shopped for one time and, it would be very influential to promote your customer by a discount for a the second shop. Easily following up discount campaigns and coupons is one of the methods that marketing specialists prefer most. You can easily determine your next “coupon distribution strategies” by analyzing the codes you identified for discount vouchers.

Free products

Any customer would reduce the products, you gift them for free. It can be very impressive to post a free product into the delivery package because it means you care about him and he is valuable for you. Gifting a special design t-shirt to a customer who bought 2 or 3 shirts on a clothing ecommerce website may be a good example…

Gifts and gift cards

Some companies prefer to gift free or discount cards of the popular restaurants and cafes, some others prefer chocolates, candles, etc. All of these methods both reward customer for online shopping and motivate them for the second shop and also contribute to develop company’s image. The significant point is that the gift you post must suitable to receiver’s profile, in other words not to send a discount voucher of a hairdresser for women to a man…


One of the easiest way to advertise your company and promote your customer to shop again is to post a catalogue or handout relating to “upselling” and “cross selling”. Also this method is very useful to induce your customer to purchase more. The surprises into the shipping boxes may be more useful to increase customer loyalty than you expect.


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