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9 Ways to Drive New Customers to Your Online Store

There is no “I have enough customers” in e-retail. Whether you have many customers, you will always need new customers to continue your online business. You can gain power in ecommerce business by only adding new customers to your customer list. In this run, you need to a long-term strategy and effective tactics for a business growth. Now it is time to reveal 9 easy tactics which lead you get new customers in your online business. Can we have 5 minutes of your time to help you to grow your customers;

1- The newer is always the better: Refresh your website!

You are an online business owner and website of your online store is your power to attract new customers. Consider the fact that nobody likes to tour a website full of old-fashioned posts, outdated products and services, old-time comments etc. Refresh it as frequently as possible. Remember Barney Stinson says “The newer is always the better”.

2- Advertisement is a path to success: Use social media, social networking!

Maybe you are on a limited budget and not allowed to spend a lot for advertisement; so use social media and social networking effectively in order to attract new customers. In the age of social media, participate in the channels professionally and create stories about your business that tempt people to share them with others.

3- Discounting tempts your customers: Offer discounts!

Discounts always catch on with people. Use their soft point and offer discounts to them. But be careful about your budget and do necessary accounting. There is another tip we like to share with you here. Try to use your existing customers while announcing your discounts. Customers are sometimes more successful than adds for spreading news.

4- New products bring new customers. Innovation saves us!

This method seems a bit unoriginal but we assure you that it is one of the most effective ways to capture a new customer segment. Don’t worry, you will not always need to create a new product; it is generally enough to reposition, repackage or even re-pricing an existing product. Just follow innovation soul.

5- Free is a very good price for customers. Give free samples!

Based on your economic situation, make it easy for potential customers to reach your products. It is not an expensive way as you think. It’s worth trying if the cost to offer a free sample is low.

6- What a funny way to attract attention. Organize a competition!

Have you heard about PR campaigns? Competitions are one of these campaigns and used for years by huge companies. The rule is the competition you organize should be related to your products. Use social media to organize it and make it necessary for competitors vote or share in order to win the competition.

7- Two are stronger than one. Find a partner!

If you prefer be partner of a non-competitive but audience-complementary company, you can benefit from its site traffic in change for a cut of the cart revenue or a flat fee for every customer acquired via the partner banner. This tactic is a kind of get-up-and-go method for new online business owners.

8- Use Referral marketing, in other words Word of mouth!

This tactic is named as referral marketing in business sector and means word of mouth. The key is that you need to give people a reason to refer your business. Don’t think “It is enough to be good at what we are doing”. No. You should encourage and reward your existing customers to tell their friends about your online store.

9- Content kings of the modern online business: Blogs!

Blogs have a great hegemony on the ecommerce sector. Blogs with targeted content lead people to follow these blogs and brings you new customers upon boosting your website’s SEO. It is always better to persuade your visitors and customers to share your content by social media tools.


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