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8 Tips to Speed Up Your Ecommerce Website

Loading speed of almost all internet sites is not fast enough when compared with expectations of website users. And it is claimed that loading speed has decreased for 21% during last one year, which results in disappointment in ecommerce sector. The reason of this issue is considered as increase in source files and page sizes in landing pages. It is figured out that website users abandon a page unless it does not load within 3 seconds. Despite this, most of the ecommerce websites load within 9.3 seconds. So the websites loading speedily are always one step beyond the slower ones. But do you know how to make your ecommerce website load faster?

Analyze the Slow Pages of Your Website

You need to find out which pages in your website load slowly to solve the problem radically. You can use “Page Speed” feature of Google Analytics and test your website speed in right way. After determination of slow loading pages, it is time to optimize these pages.

Use Cache

Cache usage is another method used to increase the speed of a website. You can decrease the number of HTTP requests and total size of the pages. This method is also useful to decrease bandwidth and hosting costs.

Optimize Visuals on the Website

Using too much visual content and not optimizing size of these visual contents, your website will surely load very slowly. Be careful not to reduce quality of these contents while decreasing size of them. This helps you to decrease hosting costs and increase speed of page loading.

Decrease the Number of Scripts

If you decrease Scripts on the website, speed of loading a page will increase in time. CSS and JavaScript files in excessive numbers cause your website to slow down. In addition, determine unnecessary Scripts and remove them to have a fast loading website.

Optimize Favicon

It is always recommended favicon you use on your website is below 1 KB. Favicons above this value cause pages to load slowly.

Minimize HTTP Requests

To make your website load faster, minimizing HTTP requests is crucial. The more scripts are requested the more page loading gets slower. Visuals can be converted into CSS sprite to decrease these requests.

Solve 404 Errors

The 404 errors in a page are similar to dead end streets and slow the loading speed. Google Analytics can be used for locating these pages and checking their URL structures. Solving the problem of 404 Not Found errors will increase speed of your website.

Create a Simple Website

Simple website designs are better than complex ones for a faster loading of the pages. For the last two years, flat design sites are preferred by site owners since they can be easily optimized and used by the users.


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