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8 Tips to Manage Facebook Business Page in Ecommerce

Facebook business pages are used widely by companies to advertise their business. Upon announcing that it has 955 millions of monthly active users and 543 millions of mobile users, Facebook becomes the most popular platform among social media tools for reaching larger customer masses. But creating a Facebook page will not guarantee popularity among users. You need to advertise your page, reach people and motivate them to follow your page continually. And the problem is “how”. How frequently should you share posts? What kind of content does take attention of users? When is the best time for status updates? Here are the answers:

1- Share posts during out of working hours

Mobile users prefer passing time in social media platforms while going to work or back to home from work. It is better not to share posts during office hours to announce your campaigns and advertisements. And the days on which you are active in Facebook means a lot for “likes” and “comments”. Researches show that users like sharing posts in Facebook on Wednesdays and Sundays. Try to share important contents on these days to ensure their popularity among users. Popular hours of Facebook posts

2- Share 1-2 posts daily

Facebook users do not like following inactive pages and whether they like the brand, they abandon it after a while. But being active doesn’t require you to post advertisements all the time since it leaves an effect of “greedy” company on your followers. Keep posting 1-2 content on daily basis without annoying them, which may result in decrease of your page traffic. If you are unable to share posts on daily basis, keep posting at least 1-4 times a week. But again, be careful not to share your posts more than 5 times a week. “Too much” is not better than “enough”.

3- Be brief on posts and updates

Social media users prefer reading short sentences since they live a fast social world. They just want to read one and pass to another one. If you want to attract and keep their attention on your page, share brief posts. This method may also increase your sales thanks to “positive comments” and “likes” seen by your potential customers. Keep this rule in your mind: posts with lesser than 40 characters get more likes and comments. Brief posts and updates

4- Create direct links to your products

Videos and photos related to your brand are keys to make your page enjoyable for users. The posts with photos/videos are more attractive the ones without photos/videos, tempting users to like them and make comments. In addition, if you direct your followers to your product via links on Facebook, you can make easier for them to reach and purchase your products. Direct links to products

5- Give feedback to your users immediately

Fast responses to comments made by your customers on Facebook make your customers feel important and valuable. This feeling makes them more loyal to your company and accordingly, your reliability will increase in the eye of them. There are four rules in this context:
  • A positive comment from a customer- Like it or write a “thanks” comment
  • A negative comment from a customer – Take care of the problem and give technical support
  • A question from a customer – Response in an informative way
  • And do not delete any comment from your page.
Give feedback to users

6- Organize competitions and surveys

Interaction with your users will support your brand’s popularity on Facebook. You can build up your connection with them via competitions and surveys on your page in return for discounts, coupons. If you can be creative enough, your campaign will spread among the users and friends of them. There is a perfect example for a Facebook campaign as you see below. Burger King created an application for Facebook that allowed users to delete 10 friends in exchange for a free Whopper. It is hard to believe buy it really worked. Creative Facebook campaigns

7- Use creative cover photos

Facebook page designers start using “cover photo” application immediately since they know that they can create clever advertisement photos. Use this opportunity to attract users’ attention and announce your campaigns, products and services directly to your potential customers. There is a point that you cannot write your site address, prices or discount percentages on your cover photos in accordance with Facebook Terms of Service. Facebook Business Cover photo

8- Share natural ambient of your company

Let your followers feel that they are not in a business page but in a family page. Share some photos of your staff and office; design a company mascot (preferably a cute one) and post videos showing how much you have fun while working etc. A great majority of users like this kind of posts and share them with their friends on their own pages. This is another way to advertise your company for free. Company mascots Facebook has millions of users and is a real opportunity to advertise your ecommerce company. You can reach many potential customers and increase your product sales by a good Facebook advertisement management. And you are better to build a mobile-optimized Facebook page for mobile users.


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