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7 Most Common Ecommerce Problems and Solutions for Customer Satisfaction

Ecommerce is very important for expanding your local customer reach. Also you can export your products easily with the help of your ecommerce website. But for sure, you can’t just setup your online store and wait for customers to do shopping without providing any good service. One of the most important problems of ecommerce is customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is necessary to make the potential customers loyal customers. Being aware of the problems they face with and that cause them not to revisit your site would be good for you. Here are some of the problems that the customers face with and the things you should do…

1. Wrong product delivery

The most significant complaint of the customers is the wrong product delivery. If you haven’t got too many orders, it would be good to check each order one by one. If you send more than 20 orders a day, it would be good to use automation systems or to employ additional staff.

2. Shipping damaged products

Each order should be checked before shipping. You can gain the customer trust by informing them about the probable problems which may occur during the shipping. Also giving information about their rights if any problem occurs will be a good idea. You can have an agreement with the shipping company to be much more careful with your customers’ products. With every damage which may occur during the shipping process, you can give penalty to the shipping company. By this way they will be more careful and you will be able to send undamaged products. You can also keep your customers happy with shipping box surprises.

3. The importance of delivery time

The delivery time is generally standart for ecommerce stores. You should inform your customers about minimum and maximum delivery times of the products they want to buy. If this standard time is exceeded because of shipping company, informing the customer about the issue and presenting a gift or a coupon to them would be nice. Calling them via phone and telling that the problem is occurred because of the shipping company will make them trust you much more. If you will deliver the product late because of the delayed supplying process, you should inform the customer about the delay and try to present gifts as much as possible. Also indicating the delay on the product page would remove the problems which cause you to lose customer.

4. Technical problems on ecommerce site

Each ecommerce sites should be online 24/7. Some of the customers do online shopping at night. So you should be able to serve all day. This depends on how many staff you have. Also a night shifter would be nice for giving online support. Running 24/7 online is also based on your infrastructure. A bad hosting company may be your nightmare. If you use all in one solutions of Shopio, you would never live such a problem.

5. Extra expenses for your customers

It’s very critical to indicate all of the costs that the customer would pay before the ordering process. Most of the time the extra expenses are the shipping expenses. Try to provide a free shipping service for your customers. But if you can not, just inform the customers about the shipping expenses (or any other) Providing more payment gateways to your customers is also another option. Extra expenses would cause you to lose not only the sale but also the customer.

6. Reduce your return problems

Returns are always irritating for ecommerce website managers because it costs a lot of time and money. If the customers have so much return problems, probably they won’t visit your store again. For sure it is very normal to have return problems. But the key element is holding it as minimum. If you protect the customer rights and help them in this return period without any problem, you can increase your sales thanks to your approach. If you are an online fashion ecommerce site owner, you can read our article about reducing the order return rates.

7. Insufficient product descriptions

The product descriptions are very important for search engines and the customers. Try to give every information of the product such as the size, weight, features and technical details. Also the warranty and support information is very important. Other then that using high resolution and high quality photos will help the customer to give the right decision. More informative description means more selling rates.

These are the most common 7 ecommerce problems. You can solve the problems with a good staff team and a good ecommerce platform. Shopio has a good SEO friendly, product description feature. You can add limitless photos of products. The shipping options will make you handle the delivery issues easily. The Shopio ecommerce platform is fully integrated with global payment providers. So you can accept all major credit card payments which will make the shopping process easier.

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