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7 Critical Mistakes That Most Ecommerce Store Owners Make

Think that you’ve created your online store and sold your first product. That means, you’ve passed the first steps and now ready for advanced progresses. But when you check your website analytics, you’ve discovered that the dense traffics in the first days of your online store is getting lower and lower everyday. Also the sales are decreased compared to beginning of your ecommerce life.

You may think that ecommerce is not a profitable business as you’ve expected. At this point, many entrepreneurs may fall in a hopeless situation and the unpatient ones may end up their ecommerce life. So, how can you understand where you’ve made mistakes before reaching to this position? Here you can find the most 7 mistakes done by ecommerce entrepreneurs…

1. Complicated payment process

One of the most important adverse effects on your online stores is the complicated payment processes. The researches show us that, the sales decreases if the payment process steps are too much. Also this is an adverse effect on creating loyal customers. If the customers think that they payment system is very hard and has a long process, they will not visit your online store again. For this reason, if you want to create an online store, you should have a very easy payment process.

2. Poor in site search system

The potential customers visited your online store may be angry if they use your in site search system and can not find what they want. You can provide a good filtering system with a powerful search engine in your ecommerce website. This way, they will be able to find the products easily and that will boost your online sales. Also a good ecommerce theme with an easy navigation system will be effective.

3. Bad product images

The product images on your ecommerce website is very important. If these images are not clear to show the products to your customers, they will abandon your website without any hesitation. For this, you should show high quality and high resolution product images to your visitors.

4. Inadequate product descriptions

The product descriptions have importance as much as the images. If you can describe what your products can do, what are they used for, how they will look on the customer or in the house etc. it will be much more easy to persuade the customer for buying your products. Most of the customers reads the descriptions and also searches internet about the reviews of the products they want to buy. So you should clearly write informative descriptions of your products. You can obtain a professional service for that if you are unable to write powerful descriptions.

5. Limited payment options

There are lots of secure options for making payment. Some of the customers prefer to buy via their credit cards and some are using payment gateways such as PayPal. Providing more payment options will help you to boost your sales. You can make a survey of most used payment options and then integrate them to your online store.

6. Poor customer service

In the present days, marketing is not a process of buying. Also after sales services are very important for the customers. If your customers can not get a good support, they will end up buying from your online store. So, improving the customer services and communication channels will be helpful for creating loyal customers.

7. Wrong shipping prices

Before the payment, you should clearly show the shipping prices to your customers. If the customers face with a surprise, their trust to your online store will be broken. The customers would like to see all expenses before buying the product. So always be clear with your customers and show them the right shipping prices.

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