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6 Simple Ways to Turn Online Store Visitors into Customers

How about learning the secrets popular e-commerce stores use to turn visitors into customers? Firstly, please give up looking for these tips on their website. Nobody shows a secret publicly! They hide them in special marketing tactics to ensure they persuade visitors to be their loyal customers. Here you can find major 6 ways you can use:

1. Catchy Landing Pages catch you

The key sentence is to make a great “first” impression. Therefore, landing pages are opportunities you need to benefit to get good impression on your visitors. Basic recommendation is using unique headlines and highlighted key features. And please remember to add high-quality product images and videos which tempt visitors to look further into products. Describe your products in a bullet point format to create an easy to read text since readers like reading short sentences. Pay attention to choose a trendy color scheme and design it over with imaginative colors.

2. Abandoned some products in your Shopping Cart? But they’ve missed you

We guess you already get shopping cart abandonment mails when you leave an online store without buying the products added to your cart.

Dear Katy,

We have noticed that you lefts some items in your shopping cart. We don’t want you go without these products which are perfect for you.

Thank you!

This e-mail, one example of which you see above, enables potential customers to see the products they left in their carts. Additionally, it makes potential customers feel that their product will be shipped immediately when they order. And it has necessary links to main areas of your e-commerce store so that potential customers may want to buy something else another time even if they don’t want to buy the products in their carts.

3. Thank Personalization to make you feel like you are special

After you see the spirit of e-commerce sector, you will understand that any of your customers are special. So you firstly need to make your visitors feel special to turn them into customers. Start with personalizing visitors’ homepages with recommendations created on last items they’ve purchased, browsed or added to their carts. But how, you wonder? This way, when someone visits your online store, they are greeted by the products they are most likely to buy. They feel this homepage is created for them. Ok ok, this procedure needs some shopping cart software layouts to be done but it is really worth, trust us.

4. You guess Retargeting or Remarketing follows you

Suppose you have browsed an item on an e-commerce web site and then go to other sites, such as Facebook. Are you shocked to see these items in sidebar ads on Facebook again? Do not get surprised that you are followed with marketing methods. It is an add structure which online businesses use to forward ads to visitors of their website. This method is called retargeting or remarketing. It really works since it continuously reminds your visitors of the products they browsed and persuades them to buy it. Retargeting or remarketing is the second powerful ad system among other systems. Keep this reality in mind.

5. Have Cross-selling and Promotions tempted your mind?

Firstly let us tell you what is cross-selling. It is a practice which your customer has purchased an item and is encouraged to buy additional related or complementary items. For example, you can place add bars showing belts in the page you sell pants. But be careful not to overwhelm cross selling since they become annoying when used much. Now it is time to tell about promotions… Promotions regard the fact that people like buying quality but cheap products. So if you run a promotion, it will take attention of visitors to your site. The point is that you need to ask the visitors to join e-mail subscriber list or like your page to turn them into customers.

6. Let customer reviews persuade your visitors to be your customer!

You have good variety of products on your online store but these products have no customer comments. It is a wrong way to affect your visitors’ feeling of trust. Allowing reviews in your e-commerce site persuade visitors to decide much quicker to buy a product. And we recommend you not to make bad comments hidden since a cheap product with a bad review may persuade the visitors to buy a more expensive product with a good review. But do not try to “cheat” your visitors with insincere comments since they will feel it and absolutely not like it at all. Here is the conclusion. The above methods are just some of the ones used by great online shopping web sites to turn visitors into customers but the point is to be creative. Try to benefit from these methods as much as you can and consider any visitor on your ecommerce store as your potential customer.


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