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6 Killer Ways to Create Effective Landing Pages and Conversion

What makes a good website? Is it the right use of words, the colors or is it just simplicity and preference of the user? Web designers spend their days recreating the same content again and again. The conversion rate is not met at the end because of creativity and overwhelming options found in the ocean of web. Landing pages play a crucial role in achieving the conversion rates, cost per clicks, advertisements, and potential ranks for websites.

Following are a few very useful tips and suggestions listed that are essential for landing pages to get conversions and make sure you are making your pages more effective.

1. Getting your Titles and headings right

One of the best ways to get conversion and Cost Per Click (CPC) rate is by making sure that the titles or heading in the landing pages convey the right message and the advertisements are leading to what they say. This will increase CPC and reduce cost from expensive marketing approaches.

2. Revising grammar and spellings errors in the content

Spellings and grammatical errors should be avoided when writing landing pages, it just shows impotence toward your users, to build trust and first impression to have good conversations the content must be free from grammatical errors and must be original in its source.

3. Trustworthy content

In order to build a good conversion the pages, we must follow certain criteria of proof that your content is what it says it is. It could have the following evidences such as copyrights, legals, certifications and branding along with testimonials of users as well.

4. Color psychology

Color is one of the most prominent feature of a landing page. Each color has a meaning and catch the eye of users either they will fall in love with the simplicity or hate the complexities of color patterns chosen, so understanding psychology of color is very important part of conversion.

5. Structure and Sequence

For a rich content that suffices errors and limitations the structure of the headline, body and footer must have a flow of sequence in the deliverance and relevancy of the message delivered to the audience. Whether they are “tabs”, “pointers” or simple “tiles” aligned in order, they must have an order of sequence and point in the right direction guiding the user.

6. Functionality

There is a connection between structure, elegance and symmetries along with its functionality in a website page. The landing page or any web page should work according to user’s intentions; whether it is a simple order “now” or “call us” button. It should deliver the given task of going to the product or information intended by the user.

Most of all the landing pages are what make the web pages interesting and relevant to the audience. There are many well designed landing pages; that are irresistible to deny clicking and going on their pages. They are well planned and crafted designs that follow most of the above features in preparation of the conversion based landing pages.

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