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5 Ways to Use Twitter for Customer Service of Your Online Store

Customer service is one of the most important elements of ecommerce business. Today, from small to big sized compaines which have ecommerce solutions are doing customer service to keep their customers happy. Converting visitors into customers is a hard and long process. It is also very important to keep them loyal to you. You can use online instant customer services as Zopim or you can use ticket services. Also a toll free phone number would be a good option. But today, with the growth of social media, Twitter is another big platform for providing customer service.

If you have followers on Twitter, that means most probably you’ve already known how to use Twitter. But unfortunately creating a Twitter profile and sharing posts is not enough for customers. Most of the users send tweets about their complaints of products or poor provided service. Customer service on Twitter should be provided by another account that only created for this reason. For example if you have a Twitter account named @YourBrand you can create another account like @YourBrandCS. This will enable you to spot and flag customer-service oriented tweets.

1. Assign a social media manager

Although you are a small business, try to assign a social media manager for your Twitter accounts. Keep in mind, in the first steps finding a social media manager with a knowledge of your market and your brand will make the things better. Your social media manager or technical staff should respond the questions in the following 24 hours. But if you can decrease this time to 4 hours, that means you provide a good customer service. And last, 5 minutes means you provide a perfect one! You will get the benefit of this in a short time because Twitter users are mostly like to thank if they have a good service.

2. How do big companies handle customer service?

Big companies have a big customer service team. Today, popularity of Twitter is much more than before so they’re making their existing teams more efficient by using Twitter as a customer service platform. If you are proud of your products and you are sure that your services are in high quality, you can easily use Twitter and stand up to all negative messages sent via Twitter. If not, you should try to push up other customer service solutions such as mail, phone or direct message.

3. What are the heaviest Twitter traffic times?

Managing your Twitter account is not easy as it is seen. It is important to pay attention when is the highest tweet traffic for your customer service. For most of the companies, the heaviest Tweet traffic is 7am to 2pm during business days. So keep in mind that customers like to get quick response. Hence, in this time gay, you should response the messages as quickly as possible. But of course, if you have tweets coming from 7pm to 2am for example, you should manage your customer service staff to handle this too. It is not a good idea to reply these tweets other day. If your customer service staff is not sufficient for this, you can outsource some freelancers.

4. How can you be aware of the tweets sent about your brand?

It is also very important to know exactly when and what people are saying about your brand. For this, you can use an alert service such ash Twilert or Mention. Both of these services will help you to monitor what’s being said about your brand in a very easy way. Set up alerts for your brand name, keywords, hashtags or a location, so when ever there is a tweet sent with the criteria you’ve selected, you will be informed instantly.

Don’t forget that your responses are critical for managing your online reputation. Try to be very kind, a little bit entertaining and very informative. Every week, over 1 million people view tweets about customer services. The experts mention that about 80% of those tweets are negative. Don’t loose your temper, never be aggressive and help your customers with their problems.

5. Use Direct Messages on your Twitter accounts

Whenever your customers have unique problems, you can send direct messages to them. Also if there is a very widespread problem, for not to to make other Twitter users that your brand is full of problems, you can also DM your customers. If the answer is long, again DM will be very useful. You can send 2-3 DMs in a row to be much more informative.

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