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5 Ways of How to Write Killer Product Descriptions That Sell

E-commerce website owners want to have high sales rates as soon as they create their online store. We have already covered how to increase your sales rates with a good content before. The content consists of your blog, customer comments and product descriptions.

There are a few critical factors that affect the decision of the potential customers when they visit your ecommerce store. Whether they find the right products, the most important points for persuading them to buy the products are product photos and the product descriptions. If the product which the customer searches for, is not found on your online store, you should vary your product range. After that, you should upload beautiful photos (more then one) and informative product descriptions.

Most used method about product description is short texts that describe the products shortly. But these descriptions cause you to have an unspectacular context that does not draw customers’ attention.

Below, you can find 5 tips to write good descriptions for your products…

1. Think as your customer

Who is the potential customer of the hand cream that you sell on your ecommerce site? Is it a 10 years old child, a businessman or a housewife? You would contact with them in different ways. You should do the same on your site too. You should determine each reader for each product and you should create the texts that they want to read.

One of the most problems that e-commerce store managers make is trying to write product descriptions with a huge crowd of buyers in mind. If you try to write descriptions for a huge amount of people instead of specific ones, it will end up addressing one at all. While writing descriptions of products, you should try to think like your customers. What will they ask to buy this product? What will they want from the product? What will they do with your product? When you begin answering these questions, you can also write the descriptions.

2. Make them imagine

Ecommerce stores are easier and mostly the cheaper way for shopping. Even though still customers go to physical stores to buy something for spending their free time, there is a huge amount of sales ratings in ecommerce business. While at work or at home, without going to the store you can buy anything on internet.

One of the advantages of a physical store is providing you to see the product in details and letting you to touch them. By touching or examining, the customer can consider to buy the product or not. Scientific researches has proven that if people hold a product in their hands, their desire to own it increases.

Because you sell online, your visitors can’t touch your products. Large and clear pictures or videos can help them so much. If your customers can not touch the product, let them imagine. You can write very important details for them to imagine how the product looks and works. By that way,you can increase the probability to purchase of the product. For that, you can begin your descriptions with “Imagine that” and then give an example of how to and where to use the product. You can also write how the product will make the customer happy.

3. Let them see the comments about the product

Sometimes the customers want to have that product but they may have difficulty in deciding which product is the best one for them. Showing them the comments of the users or the option leaders for that product may make it easier them to decide. Most of the visitors choose the product which has more positive reviews or ratings. If your ecommerce store does not have a comment on product feature, you can make it in a unique way; comment on image!

You can include an image of a person who is an author or a user of that product. On the left side there can be the photo of the person, and on the right side you can write his comment about the product. To do that you should already know how to use a photo editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP.

Another easier way is to use Disqus. You can easily register to Disqus and then use the comment codes in your Shopio Store. Encouraging the customers to see other user comments and getting the answers of their questions will help you so much to sell your products.

4. Focus on the advantage rather than the product

Technical details may not draw the customers’ attention. What they are interested in is the advantage of the product. For example, you can list the contents of a detergent; but you must focus on how this detergent makes it easier to wash the clothes. Or how your clothes will be clean after the washing process. So, writing the benefits of each feature of the product will be much more attractive for a customer.

“The scent of fresh spring on your clothes! All you need is feeling the spring air in this cold winter season. After washing your clothes, they will be clean, soft and fresh as the spring air.”

On the example above, you can see that the detergent is very effective on washing the dresses. It also makes the clothes soft with the help of the ingredients in it. And has a nice scent of fresh spring air! No need to write what the ingredients are etc. Just tell the customer what will happen after washing the clothes with this product.

5. Avoid exaggerations

Would you like to sell the best, unique, and most advanced and most preferred toothbrush? The first thing you should do is to avoid this kind of exaggerations and trying to use convincing descriptions on the product. For most of the customers exaggerated expressions would be met with doubt and even if your products are the best on your area, it would make it difficult to sell.

Product details make you sell your product. Never include too many technical details in your product descriptions. Instead, be specific and write the benefits of your products. But if the product you sell has an award like ‘best tooth brush of the year’ which is given by a magazine or a website etc. for sure you should state it to your visitors.

There are a lot of methods to boost sales for an ecommerce website and product description is only one of them. Another one is, using the right ecommerce platform. If you want to boost your online sales, you can sign up for 14 days free trial of Shopio.


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