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5 Ways for Preventing Your Ecommerce Website to Get Punished by Google

Google is the biggest traffic sources for websites. By creating good content, any online store can have more visitors with the help of Google. That’s why all of the websites are trying to make effective SEO strategies to be on the first rank of the search results.

Google developers are always working on the new algorithms and systems to be more effective. Google is also careful about the measures that the sites should have. These are common, can be found on internet with a simple searching. If your online store does not meet those needs, it will be impossible to be in the search results as you would like to be. Also, with a bad SEO strategy, Google can punish you which means your online store can not be seen on the search results.

SEO is very important for ecommerce websites. Search engines, especially Google makes the online stores having the opportunities to take advantage of searches of the customers. When used effectively, the main visitor source may be the search engines which can increase the sales with the help of a good converting strategy.

1. Don’t publish same content

Google does not like to see the same content in the same website. The online stores sometimes can sell same or very similar products. So the descriptions -which means content for Google- can be same too. Same content decreases the value of your website in Google. If you see that, there are some repeated content, it would be good to bring them together in a single page. You can make referrals for that page from the other product pages too. This way, you can make a good content and Google will increase your search results.

2. Provide a fast working online store

If your online store is loading slowly, it would make your users abondon your webpage. Bouncing content, low visiting times are also have an negative effect on Google. Slow loading pages are seen on the last pages of search results. It is very important to have a good online store infrastructure to run a fast working ecommerce website.

3. Publish quality content

We understand that for some products it will be very difficult to write something. But Google will not listen your excuse. You should check the content on the product pages. Check all descriptions of the products and if you think they are poor content for Google, try to add something meaningful. Strong and long (not very long) content is very important for Google. But also try to make informative descriptions and use correct expressions to get interest of the visitors.

4. Delete passive pages

You may forget to remove some of the links when you change something on your website. Even it’s not easy to remember all the passive links for you, Google is aware of everything on your site and it will decrease your quality score which will effect on the search results negatively again. When you have finished some ad campaigns or not selling some products anymore, directly delete or deactivate them from your website.

5. Get more referrals

Google will think that you are a good content source if you can have some referrals from other websites. By writing blog content, you will be able to have more referrals. Having referrals of your online store from other sites is a plus in terms of Google. But some of the methods which are tried to have an external referral may be a resulted as a punishment. Google is also working on updates to categorize the real referrals and the fake ones.

When Google determine the sites which have bought referrals, not only it punishes your site giving a place at the end of the search results but also it may punish your site by not giving any places at the search results. If you don’t want to be in the black list, just do everything properly and honestly.

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