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5 Traffic Sources for Ecommerce Websites

Building up a website is not enough to start a successful business and getting traffic to the website is an important issue ecommerce beginners should consider. Online advertisement and digital marketing sectors work in parallel with this purpose for a long time. This is why it is an obligation for an ecommerce website owner to reach many visitors or direct users to the website. Many of online shopping websites give importance to the traffic get by search engines but you shouldn’t depend on only one traffic source. The more various traffic source you use the more customer you can have. So you can start with learning about all website traffic types available in this article:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic, get via search engines, is always on the top of the traffic list. The ecommerce websites work on search engine optimization effectively with the aim of getting more traffic. It is also important to learn about SEO techniques to use them professionally.

Direct Traffic

The aim of many ecommerce websites is increasing their direct traffic, which contains all visits to your website where in people arrived at your site directly (by typing the url) or via a bookmark. This traffic type is a proof for the raise in brand awareness and visitors reach the site directly. You should focus on PR plans related to brand awareness to increase direct traffic to your site.

Advertisement and Email Traffic

All advertisement types such as CPC and CPA are important traffic sources for your website. But they are not cost-effective as much as other traffic sources. So try to increase your site traffic by methods increasing performance and decreasing cost. In addition, emails get you the highest conversion rate compared with others methods even if it attracts less traffic to the website. It is highly important to attach importance to email marketing for having a successful online store.

Social Media Traffic

Social media tools are one of the most useful traffic sources for online shopping websites. If you learn how to use social media marketing methods, you can increase traffic of your website without having difficulty. Prefer offer and announce new campaigns and discounts to your potential customers via social media tools.

Blogs and Other Contents Traffic

Try creating a blog account special to your online store and using it as an information platform. Create unique contents in which you mention about your products and services. An effective PR performance and professional content management will help you to manage you contents in a right way. Remember that PR is also a factor which increases brand awareness of your potential customers.


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