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5 Practical Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Store

Every ecommerce store needs visitors. Every internet user who visits your ecommerce store means a potential customer. The goal of your marketing and advertising activities is to increase the traffic of your ecommerce store.

After you get the high traffic, you will have a big chance to have more customers. If you use an advanced ecommerce infrastructure, you can calculate the conversion rate and your sales. If you have questions about ideal conversion rate you can read our content on this topic.

But what are the ways to drive more traffic to your online store? Here are the tips for ecommerce stores to get more visitors and potantial customers…

Create an online store with a blog

Having a blog is important to create a strong and permanent connection with your customers. It is very important to inform your visitors about the trends, news, reviews, tips and tricks etc. By doing that, you will have a good amount of active visitors who will follow your articles frequently. Using social media with your unique content will also boost up your traffic. Here, the most important thing is what to write or what to share. One of the biggest problems of the ecommerce store managers is inadequate knowledge of writing content. If you want to publish a blog on your website you can check our content advices.


Produce good content

Having your own blog will be helpful for your search engine optimization (SEO) too. For sure, writing a good content for your products is very important. But also writing contents except your site will increase the effect. Helping other sites and blogs of which concepts are similar to yours, will also help you to reach large masses and also to link to your site. If you are interested in search engine optimization you can check our SEO tips.


Share your store in Reddit

Reddit is one of the most useful platforms to share knowledge and idea in internet. The main page of Reddit aggregates the most popular content but also has very useful subreddits which will help you to drive more traffic to your ecommerce shop. You can find thousands of subreddit on many subjects. For example if you have a ecommerce store about shoes, you can follow this subreddit: /r/shoe/ or /r/footwear/

If you are building a new ecommerce store, you should be browsing the /r/entrepreneur subreddit. It has about 80.000 subscribers. The subscribers are sharing many interesting tips and ideas on starting a business.

You can learn many things on this subreddit, but also as in our example, if you will sell shoes, you can get ideas in the subreddits about shoes and foot wear. Now it is winter and the weather is very cold in many European countries. As a shoe seller, you can send a post like that:

reddit pos

Make sure to send posts very brief and hearty. That will make other redditers to like your post and visit your store. Also you must obey the reddit rules. You can check out the Reddiquete guide to check if you are following the reddit rules or not. If not, you will be banned shortly.

Social media on your ecommerce store

Definetely the most effective digital marketing tool is social media. If you can properly use social media, you will be able to drive traffic to your ecommerce store without too much effort. Having an ecommerce solution with a good social media support will help you so much. You should create and link your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest to increase your online store traffic. Also with a single click, your shoppers should be able to share their favorite products with their friends on social media. But while doing this, you should be very careful. Here you can find the tips for not to make common mistakes on social media.

social media

Make a good Adwords campaign

CPC or CPA advertising models cost more comparing to other options. Those advertising models are important because it gives results much more faster than the alternatives. The alternatives can be free but it is important that you get results fast or not. So, if you want to use CPC or CPA advertising models, it would be better to care about the words of your advertisements. Because of low competition, it would be good option to chose for a specific mass.

google adwords

These are some of the methods that you can use to increase the traffic of your ecommerce store. When you get the traffic, it doesn’t mean you finished your job. While your traffic is increasing, you should provide a good service to your customers. At this point Shopio comes in. To make your customers permanent, you should be interactive with them. Giving some kind of gifts is a good way to be in touch with your customers. You can create discount codes and coupons easily with Shopio.

If you follow all these steps, in time you will have more and more traffic. It is not finished yet also! You need to have an unlimited bandwith for a big amount of traffic. With a good ecommerce solution as Shopio, you can enjoy your online traffic, because, you don’t have to worry about whether you will have to be charged overage fees for increased traffic rates. For all these services you can try Shopio for 14 days for free.


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