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5 Effective Valentine’s Day Tips for Increasing Sales of Your Online Store

Valentine’s day is an opportunity for showing love. Thanks to the ecommerce business, now consumers can buy beautiful gifts without any effort. If you sell teddy bear, shiny accessories, beautiful dresses or anything can be bought as a gift, it is time to make promotions for the upcoming Valentine’s day.

1. Make promotions

There are more then 300 millions of consumers worldwide. Making promotions the day before Valentine’s day will persuade customers to buy gifts from your online store. If you can provide discounts for the same products which can be found in retail markets, the visitor will buy it from you without any hesitation. The prices of the most products will increase in special days. So try to sell them with lower prices to pull more customers.

2. Sell extraordinary products

Selling interesting and valuable products will also make you the chosen one. Because Valentine’s Day is a very special day, you should sell special things. Be creative and make your own products! How much creative you are means, how much you will make sales. Think romantic, or you can be a little bit naughty. For example, a red g-string with a red hot pepper image on it would be a good idea!

3. Increase impressions

Increasing impressions is another important process. For that, you should follow the trend carefully. What would be the best selling product in Valentine’s Day? When you have the answer of this, you should use the right platforms to increase impressions. Social media is one of the most important key element for increasing impressions. If you can use social media properly, you will be able to increase your sales in special days with the help of interesting posts. Another key element is search engine optimization. To be on top of the search results, you should use long-tail keywords. For example if you are selling lingerie, write meaningful titles and descriptions. Writing “Sexy transparent red babydoll nightdress” rather than “Sexy red night dress” would be more effective. You can try to drive more interested customers with the right, long-tail keywords.

4. Manage your inventory effectively

Selling products is one of the important issues. But also keeping customers happy and loyal is another important process. Think that you have a good ad campaign and with the help of that, you sold all of your products. What if eager buyers visit your online store and find the products are sold out? For sure they will be unhappy and this will effect your revenue too. Loosing potential customers is not a good idea. Instead, monitor your item quantities on your stock. Manage your inventory effectively and make your every visitor happy.

5. Provide free shipping and same day delivery

Your customers will not think about the prices in special days. Because they want to make the people they love happy. But providing your free shipping will also make your customers happy! So in Valentine’s Day, free shipping would be another key factor for increasing your sales. Another important shipping promotion is same day delivery system. When your customers see “same day delivery” on the title, they will be more eager to buy your product.

If you want to make money online, you can create an online store with interesting products which may be bought as gifts. This way, you will now be a merchant having top sales in only special days. Good products will always be sold out with the help of a good ecommerce solution. Shopio provides you a powerful social media integration and SEO features for increasing impressions of your ecommerce store. With the help of product management system, you will be always aware of the quantities of your products. To begin selling in Valentine’s Day, try Shopio free for 14 days.


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