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3 Things Every E-commerce Entrepreneur Should Know About Mobile Commerce

If you work on ecommerce, mobile commerce is one of the most important things which should not be ignored. The rate of usage of the mobile devices in worldwide increase so fast, and it causes the customers consulting to mobile devices for shopping wherever they go. Today, mobile commerce creates only a small part of ecommerce but increasing of its portion in next periods is regarded as certain. Even if it is another area, generally, it’s the indication of that how the mobile become popular, users who prefer using Facebook on notebook are left behind the users who prefer mobile devices. In these days that mobile devices continue its increase, in order to increase your ecommerce site’s success, we put 3 important trends together which you need to know about mobile commerce.

Tablets are at the peak of mobile commerce

According to the research, consumers use tablets more than smartphones for mobile commerce. Tablets give chances to review better the products thanks to their wide screens, and they are always in the hands of the consumers except the usage of the shopping. 33% of the tablet users spend as much time as they spend in front of the television. Preparing the messages on mobile advertisement campaigns, essentially appealing to tablet users may increase the rate of conversion.

Tablet users want to watch videos of the products

The rate of watching videos on mobile devices increases rapidly. This rate continues increasing especially thanks to tablets. The rate of watching video using tablets increases day by day which have more advantages than smartphones in terms of video quality and audio. Sharing the videos of your products would be an important result for users to choose you in ecommerce.

Men prefer mobile shopping mostly

According to a research carried out in many different countries, men are more willing to buy on mobile devices than women. Unlike the consumers who buy online but using notebooks, it indicates that men prefer ecommerce using mobile phones rather than physical stores even if they are out of home. On the other hand women prefer purchasing from physical stores if they are out of home. It would increase the effect of the campaigns giving places to the messages directing to men on the demographical settings of the advertisements and marketings that you prepare to increase mobile commerce. We anticpate that these tips will be very useful for you in these days that mobile commerce increase too fast.


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