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17 Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sales Success

It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfect online business; the point is whether you know professional marketing or not. In addition to social media, SEO, you have another option for an effective way: Email Marketing!

Here are some stats about Email Marketing:

  •  80% of people say they receive marketing messages every day.
  •  70% of people say they use coupons or discounts they get via an email.
  •  60% of people say special offers tempt them for subscribing to an email list.
Thus, if you do not start e-mail marketing as soon as possible, you will surely start losing money day by day. But is there a way of professional email marketing? Yes, there is… Or we can say “yes there are great 17 tips for your ecommerce business”.
  1. Use effective email software to give an uninterrupted service to your potential customers. Behave professionally, we mean.
  2. Be a nice person and get their permissions by asking them for subscription before sending them marketing emails.
  3. Ask them about their expectations on your signup form, so you can send relevant marketing emails. Escaping from angry subscribers is really challenging, keep it in mind.
  4. Test your email system. Send test emails or use a testing program to make sure how your emails look on screen and whether they reach to the intended addresses or not.
  5. Send a “Welcome” email! They will love it. Everybody loves to be greeted with welcome emails upon a subscription.
  6. Make it easy to subscribe to your email list. And we suggest you to make it easy to unsubscribe not to annoy them again.
  7. Design your email templates in a harmony with your brand. An eye-catching email will convince them about quality of your services.
  8. An email list is born to be developed. Please don’t let it go around the circles. Develop it with new subscribers and maintain it in systemically.
  9. Keep your email texts simple and understandable. In summary, nobody needs your double-talk. Mention about your campaign or aim to send this email and leave the rest to them.
  10. Sincerity is a magic key opening doors of email accounts. So try to write your email texts in a casual language.
  11. Minimize your use of image in your emails. You may think images make your texts attractive but improper usage will not help you, trust us.
  12. Be careful about spam filters. Not to be in “Bulk” folder, read second point again: “Permission”. Offer something useful to your customers and try to persuade them for subscribing in your email list.
  13. Make the emails shareable. Share-lover people always want to share a nice campaign with their friends. Put a “share button” into your emails.
  14. Send your marketing emails regularly. If you do not send anything for several months, then your subscribers will forget about you. Remember them to make yourself unforgettable.
  15. Stats are your guide. Learn how to read and understand them to improve your campaigns and email marketing strategy.
  16. Adapt to mobile world! Optimization for mobile is really necessary for developed email marketing. Most of the costumers delete emails immediately when they realize they are not optimized for mobile.
  17. And the last one is cart abandonment emails. When people leave your online business without buying the products added to their carts, do not hesitate to send them a cart abandonment email. It will increase their loyalty to your business.
The conclusion is that email marketing is a well-know tactic for online business promotion via emails. It is cheap, easily run and impacts your campaigns in a good way. A well executed email marketing campaign can expand your customer horizon and add to customer’s loyalty.


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